Truly understand your carbon emissions with Enistic Earth

Analyse your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, figure out the biggest areas of improvement and get your Carbon Reduction Plan. Easy.

1,000+ happy companies improving their Carbon Footprint

What do you get from Enistic Earth?

1. Carbon Reduction Plans in under 10 minutes


Enistic Earth calculates your Carbon Footprint and generates a Carbon Reduction Plan for your business – all in under 10 minutes. Simply input your company data (we can fill in the blanks with estimates) and our platform will generate a comprehensive report to show you where and how you can reduce your carbon emissions. 



It’s that easy.  


2. Compliance with latest sustainability regulations

As the effects of global warming become more severe, governments around the world have enforced strict regulations on carbon emissions.

Enistic Earth is ready to provide you with custom-made PPN 06/21, SECR and Carbon Reduction Plans. 

With pre-defined and easy to implement Carbon Reduction Plans, Enistic Earth will help you meet your sustainability goals and achieve Net Zero by 2050 (at the latest). 

3. Proof you care about the environment


Now more people are aware of the effects of climate change, it’s crucial for businesses to prove that they’re serious about sustainability. Ethical businesses are more likely to be trusted by customers, employees and investors, with 66% of global consumers willing to pay more from companies that are committed to social and environmental responsibility.



 Enistic Earth recommends ways to improve your environmental impact, so you can show stakeholders that you’re helping combat climate change.


4. Carbon Reduction Plans that have a real impact


Deciding which CRPs are best for your business is not easy. You want to choose the ones that are most cost and time effective. With premium projects especially chosen by our carbon experts, Enistic Earth helps you choose which ones have the most impact.



Try and test the impact of different projects using our projection feature to see what works best for you. You can also see when you will get to Net Zero and how your emissions will be reduced over time. 

5. Long-term resilience with real-time data


Climate change is a complex issue for SMEs. Mitigate risks such as resource scarcity, supply chain issues, and price volatility by acting early.


Adopting sustainable practices helps businesses stay ahead of increasingly stringent environmental regulations, while reducing the risk of fines, legal actions and potential carbon-related costs. Input data in real-time and have your live carbon footprint so you can check your progress and emissions.


6. Support from sustainability experts

Sustainability isn’t easy. Having someone there to hold your hand through the process really makes a difference. Luckily, at Enistic we have a dedicated team of carbon consultants with the knowledge and experience to deliver results quickly. Whether you need help setting up your account or deciding which Carbon Reduction Plans are best for your business, our enthusiastic experts are here to help.

Contact us via the forum, email, phone or chat whenever you need us!

7. Lower costs and carbon emissions


Save money by being more energy efficient. Enistic Earth calculates your carbon footprint and recommends energy-saving practices, like investment in renewable energy sources and waste reduction strategies. This efficiency will help you use less energy and lower operational costs in the long-term.


Costs shouldn’t be a barrier to acting against climate change. In fact, cutting your carbon emissions should have a positive return on investment. Enistic Earth provides you with plans on how to cut energy costs and increase efficiency so you can save time and money in the future.


Reduce risks and simplify your day-to-day
Its user-friendly interface makes data entry a breeze, and the real-time analytics provide valuable insights to enhance our sustainability efforts.
Make better decisions and prioritise effectively
Comprehensively assess your carbon footprint across different business units. Identify emission hotspots and set meaningful reduction targets, driving your business towards a greener future.
Seamless data collection and integration
Effortlessly sync your data sources, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. A time-saving solution.
Sustainability aligned with your business goals
Customise data fields and reporting parameters, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your unique business needs. As your organisation grows, the software easily scales to accommodate increased data volumes.
ALL your carbon data together (including Supply Chain)
A revolutionary approach to sustainability. Seamless calculations and analysis of your entire Carbon Footprint, including Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3. Unlock the power of taking proactive steps towards a greener future.
Your reliable partners for sustainability success
Whenever you encounter questions or need assistance, the customer support team is here to help. Let us assist you to maximise the value of the platform.
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Make better decisions with reliable insights from actual data

Without Enistic Earth

You don’t know your Carbon Footprint. 

Complying with sustainability regulations feels tedious.

Risk failing compliance and getting fined.

With Enistic Earth

Complying reports and accurate carbon data.

Discover opportunities to improve with pinpoint precision.

Become more sustainable and help build a greener future.

Become more efficient, saving time and money.

Here's how it works...

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